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Our Brands

We’re passionate about satisfying tomorrow’s thirst and offering more choice when it comes to choosing a beverage to suit your lifestyle.

V Energy

Our flagship brand, V is powered by a tasty, top secret recipe containing guarana (the ancient Amazonian super berry). V can snap you out of the procrastination place and get you back on track.

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Pepsi Max

Max Taste. No Sugar. Pepsi Max is a no calorie and sugar free version of the classic Pepsi cola soft drink.

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Pepsi is synonymous with popular culture and is loved all around the world. The classic cola soft drink – delicious and refreshing.

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Just Juice

An oldie but a goodie, Just Juice is a quintessential classic. Great tasting juice the whole family can enjoy, with no artificial flavours or colours.

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Suntory BOSS Coffee

Brewed hot, chilled fast – Suntory BOSS Coffee is made using a traditional Japanese flash brew process. The subtle, smooth flavour of quality chilled coffee will never be far from reach again.

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Rockstar contains a potent herbal blend of guarana, ginseng and ginkgo. Scientifically formulated to deliver an energy punch for active and busy people – from athletes to rock stars.

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The original sports drink, Gatorade is synonymous with sporting superstars. Helps replace what you lose in sweat.

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Simply Squeezed

Made in Hawke’s Bay. We squeeze, press and blend the goodness into our delicious range of juices and smoothies so you can get the goodness out.

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NZ Natural

Flavoured and unflavoured, still and sparkling New Zealand spring water. NZ Natural offers natural refreshment, with no sugar or sweeteners, no calories, no added preservatives and nothing artificial. 

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Fresh Up

The drink that started it all for us, Fresh Up has been enjoyed since 1962. Available in a range of refreshing flavours and formats.

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Mountain Dew

With a caffeine hit and intense refreshment, Mountain Dew energises like no other. Do the Dew. There’s even a zero sugar option, too.

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Treat yourself with 7Up, a lemonade that’s all about providing you with the ultimate refreshment experience. Contains no colour or caffeine. 7Up Light is also available with no sugar, no colour and no caffeine.

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The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy has been sourcing quality fruit to deliver The Real McCoy taste since 1989. With no artificial colours, flavours or added preservatives, The Real McCoy premium fruit juice range is available in a variety of fruit flavours and formats, fit for any occasion!

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h2go still and sparkling waters come in a range of packs sizes and flavours. Perfect for on the go hydration.

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Get in the zone with Mizone Sports Water. Mizone Sports Water contains antioxidant vitamin C and B vitamins to reduce tiredness and unlock energy to help you feel at your best.

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Taste the Ribena goodness. Our blackcurrants are high in Vitamin C. We know every farm where our crops are harvested…so we can ensure only the finest blackcurrants make it to Ribena.

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Lucozade gives you that pick up when you need it most, when the energy and the good times flow. Whatever you do, do it with energy.

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G-Force is Frucor’s drink with bite – a range of great tasting, refreshing fruit drinks, enriched with real fruit juice and vitamins.

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Indulge yourself with Allganics, with a taste for almost every occasion – especially when you want to be good. And it’s organic too. Suppose the name gives it away. Enjoy!

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Up & Go

Love the mornings. Sanitarium New Zealand’s UP&GO liquid breakfast is a convenient choice for when you are on the go. 

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If you like flavoured milk, you’ll love our Wave range. Available in a 500ml bottle, Wave comes in three flavours: Chocolate, Iced Coffee and Strawberry.

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Frucor Suntory News

Feel the energy with V

V Energy graduates from Make it Happen to Can You Feel It with a campaign all about feeling your best self and spreading those positive

Planting Makes a Difference in Puhinui

This week volunteers from Frucor Suntory swapped laptops for spades and set themselves the mammoth task of planting 600 native trees in just two hours.