Gatorade, the Number One Sports Drink on the Planet!

Gatorade is The Original Sports Drink, created in 1965 by Dr Robert Cade and his team to help the University of Florida’s American Football team, the Florida Gators. The result was a scientifically formulated, precisely balanced carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage that adequately replaced the key components lost by the Gator players through sweating and exercise.

Now, Gatorade is synonymous with Sporting Superstars such as Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and Dwyane Wade.

Gatorade is available in four great tasting full flavoured products: Blue Bolt, Fierce Berry, Fierce Green Apple and Orange Ice.

There are also two No Sugar options: Glacier Freeze and Berry.

Gatorade is also available in Powder form in the Lemon Lime flavour.

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