Maximus is for the hardest worker in the room. For the unpretentious men of action.  We give you what you need so you can keep on keeping on!

Our Product Range

Maxiumus Game On Blackcurrant
Maxiumus Game On Lime
Maxiumus Blue
Maxiumus Mango Passionfruit
Maxiumus Red

Introducing our pro gamer JarradHD

Maximus turned the tables on some of Australia’s most lopsided gaming rivalries. We did this by getting our pro-gamer, JarradHD, to secretly step in and take over the controller on the lesser player’s behalf.

With the banter turned up to 11, the perennial losers basked in “their” victories. Then Maximus revealed that this unexpected skill upgrade was all made possible by Maximus Game On.

Hit play to watch the hilarity ensue.