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New CEO for Frucor Suntory

Frucor Suntory announces the appointment of Darren Fullerton as CEO (Australia and New Zealand). Darren has a wealth of knowledge about the beverage industry from his extensive career at PepsiCo, spanning 18 years across multiple functions. As CEO (Australia & New Zealand) for PepsiCo for a number of years. Darren brings a wealth of market and product knowledge to Frucor Suntory. Most recently, he led Winc, a $1bn+ market leader in office products and business solutions across Australasia. Darren says: it’s truly an honor to be joining the Frucor Suntory team and to be able to play a part in the next incredible chapter of a business I have always had great respect for. “Strong brands, a vibrant culture, and a thirst for success are hallmarks of most successful businesses – and I look forward to building on these inherent strengths at Frucor Suntory.” Darren started his new role on 14 April and will be based in Sydney, Australia.

Taking the next step at Frucor Suntory

Frucor Suntory’s graduate programme is designed to offer credible experience to help set our recruits up for success. Take Emma Larsen, who is about to